December 20, 2009

Art Sale things

Here are some photos from the art sale. Toni and I sold the little clips like wild fire! It was wonderful. I love this little zipper flower I made. It's really encouraging to hear how much people love the things you create. I could not believe how great all of the hair nic-nacs looked worn.

I'm really hoping to do the SAIC Spring Art Sale in April, if I don't get too bogged down with the unbelievable amount of work that some how always presents itself in the spring semester.

I was told by my Millinery Professor that we're supposed to be in a gallery show in February, which means all of our hats need to be done just as the semester is beginning. We are also planning on being in a fashion show at the Garfield Park conservatory, so we're asked to create a hat using the plants they have. I am also supposed to make hats for a friends fashion line (which I am very excited for!) as well as finish all the hats for the BFA show (see last post).

Phew. It is going to be a busy three months. I am fully going to enjoy my "vacation" starting Tuesday!

Toni Mardosz and me in front of our table at the sale


  1. wow! i'm impressed that you made that zipper flower. :D

  2. Thanks! I love zipper(and button!) related things.


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