December 18, 2009

cartography (kär-tŏg'rə-fē)

It has been a while since I updated with new hats but I'll have some new photos up soon. We just had our Flat Patterning class final and I made some pretty exciting hats. I will post them once I get the professional photos in. Today I submitted my proposal for a group show for the SAIC BFA show; all very exciting stuff! Our group consists of Jeni Crone, Sabrina Severns, Caitlin Schriner, and myself. We are all working with a different form of mapping, wether it be mapping memory, a lifetime of an object, or just conquest.

Here is the new Artist Statement I submitted:

I am very interested in exploring different cultural hats, the importance of hats and their role in society. Research for my pieces is generally gained from my own life experiences, allowing a strong connection to the piece for the viewer and me. Art and function have always gone hand in hand in my practice and so I. I began exploring millinery two years ago and now it is my main practice. Hat making to me is a form of combining the fashion and fiber techniques I’ve learned at school. I have recently been experimenting with designing my own prints for my hats and that has allowed me to take millinery into a new level. I attempt utilize heat press techniques for embossing and printing on my hats, as well as investigating more sculptural build up in hats. I use a variety of different materials such as straw, rabbit felt, and sinamay.

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