February 22, 2010

Post Pilsen Market Recap

Well the sale was really great. I only sold a few things but I got a couple of custom orders, which is fantastic. It was a tight squeeze for those seven hours, but it was a lot of fun. It was a really good experience because there were a lot of people from all stages of their business careers (There were 15-20 vendors there!). It gave me a lot of display ideas and it made me realize what I would need if the space did not provide anything. I still have a ton of my headbands and clips, so I will be saving them for the Spring Art Sale in April!

Here are some more pictures.

Oh and the most exciting part of the day was I got into the Chicago RedEye! It was a complete surprise, but there was a picture of me and my green leaf printed piggota hat in the metro mix section!

One of my hats is also on display at the drake hotel! If you get a chance, swing by and take a look. It's in the back by the Chanel Boutique.


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