July 9, 2010


So I've been working hard creating new, fun, summer headbands for the store and for my own shop.

I've been trying to expand on my ribbon work, and I'm trying some new things! It's amazing how much you have to compromise when trying to fit something on to a tiny headband, but I think so far, these peices look really great.

Detail: Vintage anchor button

This nautical pinwheel flower is perfect in the summer time for some flirty fun. My boyfriend called it "Wearing the sunshine on your head" when he saw me try it on.

Grey satin ruffles with gold glass beads
hand sewn and beaded

Ruffles are really trendy right now in shoes and clothes -- lets not stop there -- they look great as a hair accessory too. The beads give it a big of sparkle, for evening or day looks.


  1. ugh i LOVE LOVE LOVE that silver ruffle one!

  2. Well maybe thats just what youll have to get when you finish the website :D

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    Like the content & ill def be coming back !


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