July 23, 2010

Weddings Weddings Weddings!

I've started working on a veil for one of my bestfriends in Chicago. She is getting married on July 31st (Harry Potter's birthday!) in central Illinois. This is not only a momentous occasion because she is one of my first friends to get married, but this will also be my FIRST American wedding.

Last summer I went to three Moroccan weddings (my home land) and they were all so beautiful. I have always dreamed of having a traditional American wedding, since I grew up in generic Disney-fied pop culture, but last summer changed me a bit. I began to see the beauty in my overly decorated culture. The brides have an array of clothing, matching jewelry, and make up. Depending on the family, the bride will wear up to ten different looks throughout the 12 hour celebration (from dusk to dawn). Traditional clothes with embroidery and beading are worn in a multitude of color. Western white dresses have even come into the celebration.

It is wedding season and I've been working on a few different wedding accessories. This is a Veil that I have recently made for a really great bride that had her dress designed by a fellow student of SAIC. She was very excited to have everything made to exactly what she wanted.

Katie's veil was made out of her grandmother's vintage veiling, a silk hand made flower, and an ostrich feather. We made mock ups, and met three times, and came out with this beautiful veil for her special day!

Next up - Colleen's Bachelorette Party and Wedding!


  1. We want some up close photos!

  2. haha! Well - I have to ask the bride for some. When you click the images though, they get pretty big. 


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