August 9, 2010

Colleen's Wedding

Last weekend I attended my friend Colleen and Josh's wedding. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It was outdoors in, in an opening in the woods. as we entered we were given bug spray and bubbles. We sat on logs as they retold the story of how they met, and how Josh's romantic proposal and surprised was thwarted by Colleen's focus on her art followed by their vows.

We went to the reception which was in a beautiful old church that has recently turned into a hall for parties. The dj played a mix of classic wedding music along with a few choice songs that reminded us of some funny college memories.

Anyway - pictures speak a lot better than words, so here are a few:

Here are some close ups of the veil I made Colleen:

The entire wedding was so beautiful, needless to say I was a tearful mess.

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