August 13, 2010

I've joined bloglovin'

Hi all! Hope everyone has been doing well to stay cool and avoiding the high heat. I've forgotten to take my sunglasses with me to work all week so I've had to deal with the blazing sun every day. Anyway! Today is Friday- that means I have the whole weekend to work on hats, blogs, photo shoots and more!

Well first off...
Follow my blog with bloglovin'

Or if you're not following me already on blogspot make sure that you scroll down and follow my blog! By clicking follow, it'll ensure that you get the latest on whats going on with Zzouzi Hats and probably a bit more ;)

Though, I'm not quite sure what the "more" is!

Upcoming events this week: has one Zzouzi item for sale right now! Go look me up!

Photo shoot tomorrow with Archives's Lisa Burback and THIS lovely lady as our model.

Zzouzi Hats website due to be finished so soon! I can't wait for you guys to see it Amy Amok did an amazing job!

Anyway - a friend of mine just posted some pictures of some work I did during my last semester at SAIC, and there should be a blog post about that soon.


  1. bloglovin has my my life so much easier! though, its very daunting to open it up and see 139 unread posts :(

  2. Its nice! I used to have to go on google reader and catch up..but i like this much more!

  3. I found your blog (and your awesome hats!) via Lisa of Archives. Love the veil you made for your friend's wedding. Can't wait to see what else is to come!


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