September 29, 2010

Fall Collection

Well, after J. Slater and I diligently worked last night over dinner (which ended up giving me food poisoning hah) we FINALLY got all the pictures. We had this unbelievable bout of bad luck last night when none of the pictures would burn on to a disk, an external hard drive, or anything else for that matter. Anyway, it was all worth it for these amazing pictures! All of these hats will be available for sale through and via email at

I would like to thank J. Slater, Anna Gorman, Christina Dougherty, Cecca Morrone, Shannon Marks, and Lisa Burback for all their help getting this together.

Fall 2010

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Let me know what you think! :)

PS: If you haven't done so already - enter the BelindaBilly contest to win a free t-shirt! All you have to do is fill out a survey that takes about 5 min!


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