September 16, 2010

Life without a computer

Life with out a computer feels like no life at all. My hard drive crashed in the early days of September, marking my computers fourth birthday. I wake up in the morning, watch television, make breakfast, go for a run, clean a bit....then go to work, sleep and repeat. Okay, so it's not that bad, but thankfully my boyfriend found a great used computer for us to buy temporarily, so I can continue working on my Zzouzi Universe!

Anyway, I am preparing for a photoshoot this weekend with a new photographer. I am going to be the stylist, and my friend Lisa donated some of her vintage clothes for the shoot. I am so excited to get my new stuff photographed and shown! I feel like nothing has been moving forward at all because things keep getting in the way! I am very frustrated with this. I am a very "go go go" person so waiting things out is, needless to say, painful.

On a side note: I now have to relearn Mac hot keys.

Anyway, the photographs here are some ideas that I am going to play with in the photoshoot. It is so difficult finding good pictures of fur and hats, believe it or not. If you guys have better luck, please share it!

Also, any ideas on make-up?

War time illustration

This photograph has nothing to do with this post, but I just had to share it because of how beautiful she looks here:

Marylin Monroe
On that note, I will close off this post. Tomorrow is Local Lookbook's grand opening and I need to figure out what I'm going to wear! What hat?! What shoes?! Pants or Dress?! It's going to take hours.

(Post dedicated to my old computer, R.I.P. big guy. You put up with a lot.) 


  1. Lovely site, lovely hats! I just happened to stumble on your site right after posting on weird hats/hats that unfortunately remind me of Seinfeld episodes. I am so thrilled to see your gorgeous collection! I am going to start following you.

    Stop by my blog,

  2. Thanks Meghan! I stopped by your blog and I am definitely adding you to my bloglovin' list.


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