September 3, 2010

Local Lookbook in Chicago Social

The store where my hats and headbands are sold, Local Lookbook, was featured in Chicago Social this month. They wrote about the popularity of the clothing designers as well as what a great community builder the store is. You can read the article here, on page 80.

You can see my headbands, bottom center.

In other news I'm working on getting some photoshoots set up and done so I can finally upload more images on the Sears website as well as have catalog images for my newer items. I have three photoshoots set up with a variety of different photographers who all have very different styles - this should be very interesting. :)

By mid September I would like to have my fall collection done in order to put in stores and make available online. If you are interested in any fall headwear, or a specific style of hat, let me know! I'd be happy to make it for you. I am also still debating on what to do with a bright red felt body.

(Photo from website Judith M Supplies) 

I would love to get some feed back on what to make next!


  1. Congratulations on the CS shout out! I'm super excited to check out your work! I'm obsessed with toppers - headbands and hats.

  2. congrats xx


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