September 1, 2010

September Issue

Well, the summer is officially over...and I don't have to go back to school. That is a very odd feeling. Meanwhile, I've been using my free time to create a fall collection with my hats. I also need to organize a photo shoot in order to photograph hats to sell on Sears and my website (the website is looking REALLY good...I just need it to be done now *coughamycough*)

I redid one of my old hats, and I'm thinking to wear it to one of my friends upcoming shows.

I'm still not sure about the shape or how its worn, but I'm still playing around with it. That's probably the best thing about working with straw, you can re-work it a lot.

My kitten has no idea whats on my head

As some of you know, I nannying in order to support my everyday life...and my art (hat supplies don't come cheap!). Well I've recently introduced the kids to Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. Talk about flash-back! Toys, video games, Mary-Kate and Ashley animated? But lets talk clothes; You never realize how bad some fashion items are until you look back on them ten years later.

I wanted to focus in on the hats though. Though the hats weren't much better than the clothes people seemed to actually WEAR them! I suppose the age of Blossom helped.

Well, this is the only photograph I found of them as kids wearing unique hats. If you do happen to relapse on your childhood, keep and eye out for hats...and those hideous shoes we all seemed to wear at that age.

The hat habit for the Olsens' has not changed however. They are still rocking beautiful hats, whether it be to hide themselves from paparazzi or simply for fashion, they know how to wear them.


  1. The 2nd to last picture you have of Mary-Kate I believe is gorgeous!! Love that girl's style! =)

    And your kitty is cute!

  2. unfortunately the blossom look is on its way back! :/

  3. It is, but only to some extent. I feel like it might be better this time around?


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