October 23, 2010

And the Hattiest of them all...

My old teacher Eia finally received the great photographs from spring semester of the Raymond Hudd Millinery Award Judging. What a nerve racking day! We had no idea what was in store. It was after our gallery show, so we had the stress of the show finished but then the nerves of the judging.

We were asked to tell them what year we were in, the techniques that we used to create our pieces and our inspiration.

Dean Lisa Wainwright trying on my hat that she ended up wearing to graduation

The recipients of the dean's hat award - Myself and Sophia Khan

The Dean trying on the Golden Twig hat.

Explaining to the judges my technique of silkscreen printing on hats

Advanced Headwear Class

Advanced Headwear class with the judges and our teacher, Eia.

The Award Winners and the Judges

The six award recipients

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