October 26, 2010

James Prinz Shoot

This shots were done in May of 2010 of a few of my hats that were exhibited in the Curiouser and Curiouser gallery show. The first hat was based off of the New York Chrysler building with the different tiers and studs. I some how never got a good picture of this hat, so I'm really thankful it was part of this shoot, especially since it just sold at Mr. and Mrs. Digs!

Based off of the Chrysler Building in NYC - black felt and studs - 

Based off of the Eiffel Tower with the lace "iron" arches - grey stiffened silk and black lace.

Twig Hat - Hand painted live leaves and twigs on black sinamay.

I am currently working on a commission for Halloween night. It's based on Casablanca's
Ingrid Bergman. 
I will take pictures once it is done. What a long process!

Also if you have not done so yet, check out my new blog Contemporary Vintage! It's about every day life, fashion, and the struggles of becoming an adult (including starting my own little label - Zzouzi Hats!)


  1. Thanks! I am so glad someone bought it! I liked it a lot too!


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