October 10, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Digz

It's been a very busy weekend for Zzouzi Hats!

We had the great opportunity to be one of the showcased designers at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ, a great little boutique in Andersonville, as part of Andersonville's Art Weekend. This weekend is dedicated to showcasing artists and shops in Andersonville. You walk up and down clark st, drinking champagne, eating, and enjoy art work. What else could you ask for?

They had various sorts of performences and music going throughout the evening. When I stopped into Mr. and Mrs. Digz I met a few lovely ladies who thought my hats were a hit! I am always so relived to hear that people (other than artists) like my hats! I ended up selling one which is wonderful, and now I have to make more for another event Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ is hosting!

Fall 2010 Hat Display at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ

Well this looks like a very busy week ahead. On Wednesday my friend and I some how both landed tickets to see OPRAH! I am trying to figure out what hat to wear now. I might bring up a back up hat in case they tell me that my hat is too big. I hope it's a good episode.

Anyway - I am so sorry for such a late update, but nothing has been happening in the "Hat World"...which is partly my fault. My sister was here to visit and I dedicated a week to spending time with her. Between that and working, I was wiped out. Anyway folks, I will try to do better... I am just wondering, what is the next step? Any suggestions? I think some advertising, and press is necessary. Any leads?

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