November 9, 2010

Google Alert: Zzouzi Hats

I got a nice little surprise when I set up my Google alert for my millinery business. Other than the large amount of Twitter posts I make a day, it alerted me about a lovely little blog called INFLUENCE.

Influence had a great article about how hats were making a come back, with photos from various runway shows from NYFW 2010, and a few from local designers. I was surprised to see that one of my images had made it up there, along with millinery friend Tonya Gross.

 "Hats are finally making a comeback. Not just any old winter beanies and baseball hats, but artistic creations with intricate flowers, feathers, and sculptural shapes. Slowly but surely, they crept up with fedoras a few seasons ago and now, thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker’s show stopping hats, Aretha Franklin’s bow hat at the Inauguration, and the outrageous creations worn by Lady Gaga- they have become an outlet for self expression once again.  Fabulous hats are not just for the Kentucky Derby and any trend-setter can feel confident in a one of a kind creation." - Influence

Our hats off to you Influence.

Have you started incorporating hats into what you wear normally? I find so many more people wearing such interesting pieces when I go out - vintage, handmade, or even store bought. I'm glad to see a millinery come-back! 

Sorry about the lack of posts folks- I've just been so busy actually making hats and things, that I haven't had time to sit down and write. I have a new project I'm working on- and I will let you know as soon as it launches, although it may be some time from now.

Things still to come in the future:

  • Flat Patterned Hats
  • Vintage Inspirations
  • Zzouzi Hats Logo 

    Anything you'd like to see from me? Let me know! I am totally open to suggestions!


    1. can't wait to see the new logo ;)

    2. let's do an outfit together for new year's! I'll design a dress and you a hat and then somehow we'll get them photographed together. What do you think?


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