March 20, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Hey guy!

Long time - no post. I think I am going to continue doing once a month posts because between this, The Mockingbirds, and Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ,  I'm going a bit crazy. Social media madness.

Here is what is going on with Zzouzi Hats though. Next week I have two professional photoshoots set up with some amazing photographers. One is a Chicago photographer with a bit of an indie feel to her - we're doing a very vintage shoot. Another D.C. based photographer and I will be doing an outdoor beauty shoot.

Zzouzi Hats will also be participating in a few Spring fashion shows, one of which is Minneapolis Fashion Week in April!

Tomorrow I will be hosting a class at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ on how to make your very own spring hair accessory.  I'll be sure to post pictures on Facebook tomorrow, so make sure to check!