April 4, 2011

Spring Craze

Zzouzi Hats is in the middle of a whirlwind of projects! This month I have a lot going on, and I can not be more excited for it! I've recently felt that I've been neglecting my hats a lot but not anymore! Lets recap a bit of whats been going on.

In March I taught a Spring Hair Accessory Class at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ - a wonderful boutique the showcases local talent, as well as new and vintages items. The class was a hit! The ladies that showed up were naturals! We ended up creating so many beautiful pieces with so many combinations of different styles, textures, and materials! It was great!

Towards the end of March I had to photoshoots scheduled that completely snuck up on me. They were wonderful though! The first one was with MVK Photography and the second one was a Columbia Student that was in her last year. Both Photographers were unbelievable. They each had a very different style, so I am very excited to see how these turned out! 

Finally APRIL. This month I will be participating in the MNFashion Week. Their Spring line is a collection inspired by the tragedies of 2010, so it should be a very interesting show. I am also assisting two SAIC students with their Fashion2011 looks for the May fashion show that will be in Millennium Park. Both designers have really exciting collections so I am really excited to help them carry out their visions!

And last but not least - Studio Total - has contacted me for a special project. I can't really reveal anymore about that, but I can tell you about their great company. They are an alternative advertising company that focuses on a-typical advertising, such as social media, spectacles, and other ways of generating word of mouth from their audience. They became popular by doing outlandish and unexpected things and "guerilla marketing". You can read more about them on their website - HERE - or on WIKI. What do you guys think? Sounds pretty fun right?


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