August 30, 2011


Shirt & Sandals: Target
Skirt: H&M
Purse & Earrings: Vintage

Went out to a fabulous Persian restaurant last night with my friend Paige. I wanted to try mixing my denim shirt with something other than black shorts! This floral skirt seemed like the perfect remix. Tying the shirt up and exposing a little stomach gave it a vintage-yet-casual feeling. I've always been afraid to bare my stomach because I'm not exactly the thinnest gal on the block, but I felt great in this outfit! It showed just the right amount of skin for me to feel sexy and yet confident. I've tried to wear tankinis before but it just never felt right! A more vintage approach is definitely more my forte. Also please note how white my stomach is compared to the rest of me. It clearly does not get exposed to the sun very often - hah!

6th Chicago Models and Photographers Meet Up Hosted By Diem Angie Nguyen

This shoot was so much fun! What a talented group of people to work with! See if you can spot me and some of my hats!

August 28, 2011

Bridal Photoshoot

Kpoene invited me to be a part of another photoshoot! The location was an amazing downtown condo and there were about a dozen photographers running around taking pictures of four models. There was also a stylist and a jewelry designer, a videographer, Luis Boss Herrera from Skylight Promotions did the advertisment for the event.  It was a great collaboration! Kpoene made all of the beautiful bridal dresses and the veils and hair pieces are made by me.

Jolene Palmer
Rebecca Rae Votta
Liz Harvey
Jasmine Jade

Me, The Stylist, Jeweler, Kpoene

I was excited to go out and actually socialize for once and wear my new Asos romper! This came in the mail last week and I've been dying to wear it, but I had no where to go.

Romper: Asos
Bracelets: Vintage
Shoes: Kelly & Katie

August 27, 2011

Zzouzi Hats & Mignonette Bridal

A couple of weeks ago, I met NYC designer Kpoene of Mignonette Bridal. She is a transplant and moved to Chicago after her decade designing in NYC. Her work has been in the Washington Post, Magazines, and quite a number of TLC shows, but most importantly she loves her work and she has stunning designs. She kindly asked me if I would like to be involved in a few photo shoots she has coming up to promote the grand opening of her very own bridal boutique here in Chicago! I am so excited to be working with someone so talented. Here are a few outtakes from the shoot on Thursday. Actual pictures from the photo shoot soon to come!

August 26, 2011

Vintage Humor

Monday night my sister, Kawtar, invited us to an open mic at Shambles in Wicker Park. Normally I wouldn't trek all the way across town, but I jumped at the chance to see her perform again! Christine, Paige and I sat through a lot, and I mean a lot, of performers before Kawtar finally got to go up but it was well worth it to see her hilarious set.

(We were in the front - so it really isn't just an audience of one!)
I've got to say, I don't head over to Wicker Park too much because its such a long drive and pretty inconvenient, but because of work I've really come to love the neighborhood again (even in its altered state of yuppieness). The neighborhood really takes advantage of summer and Division street is lined with creative and beautiful outdoor seating arrangements. I can not think of anything better than sitting outside with a cold beer and a good meal in this city.

These stunning ladies are a great example of how to rock vintage in an every-day way.

Kawtar (left) is wearing an adorable floral teacher dress from the 80's. Hits right above the knee, and is perfectly flattering and cute for a summer day.

Christine (middle) is wearing an Asian inspired satin floral mini dress from the early 90's. She paired it with leggings and flats to modernize this look.

Paige (right) actually bought this dress while I was working at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ. I've been waiting for someone to snag this stunner. It's a 1960's inspired wiggle dress, that I believe was from the early 80's. We removed the shoulder pads, added a belt, and voilĂ ! Instantly modern!

I was the only one who did not sport a vintage dress! I felt so left out but I was really excited to wear this dress. It's my first animal print! (I actually wore it three times this week - hah!) 

Dress: Target (This Season)
Belt: Target (Three years ago)
Bag: Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage via Vintage Heaven
Shoes (see here): Kelly & Katie (DSW - Spring)

August 18, 2011

Chicago Street Style

Spotted:  Adorable child sporting a curly bob, gold toms, and an Andy Warhol-like print dress. She finished her look with mod sunglasses and an elephant backpack. Accessorized with a simple beaded bracelet and purple hair bow.

I've always thought of starting a Children's Style Blog. ChildChic? Trendsetters under Ten? Although - I'd be pretty worried asking for their parent's permission to put them in a blog post. Thankfully, this girls identity is hidden behind her hip sunglasses. (I also asked her dad...)

Anyway - I always love seeing what kid's wear because they're so daring with their colors and patterns. I wish adults were more like that (myself included).

August 17, 2011

Zzouzi Vintage @ Vintage Heaven

This weekend was my first weekend selling clothes at Vintage Heaven! My sister and I are actually doing these things together. It was so much fun to meet other local Chicago vendors and to spend the entire weekend with her.  My favorite part however was really talking to all of the vendors. Everyone does things so differently, and has so many different styles! It was great to see that much of a range of vintage!

Prepping for the sale and unpacking was the most difficult part though. I have a rather large 4 door compact car, but it's always full of stuff! We some how fit my dining room table, two clothing racks, two suitcases, four bags of clothes, two boxes, and a huge duffel bag as well as three people in the car. I had no idea we had so much stuff. It took us three hours to unpack and set up. Needless to say we're really going to have to rethink our organizational technique. I think we may need to buy some of those large storage bins. Anyone have any advice?

Skirt: Handmade Shirt: Target Purse: Dooney and Bourke Vintage
** This was taken at Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ, a vintage, new, used, and handmade boutique in Andersonville before the Vintage Sale.

August 11, 2011

Running around town

What a hectic day! I nannied two of the most adorable kids today but wow am I not used to waking up before 8 am. Talk about leisurely lifestyles. No time to dress so I changed when I got off of work so I could run to a meeting then run the rest of my errands.

Shirt: thrifted Skirt: Handmade/re-styled Purse: Vintage Dooney and Bourke Belt: Target Sunglasses: F21

PS: this skirt used to be a dress that I chopped up in half and added elastic - itll be much more useful to me as a fun skirt!

PPS: I don't look this grumpy all the time!!

I'm preparing for Vintage Heaven's Big Sale this weekend so I wanted to get a bit of last minute shopping before it! Sad to say I only had an hour to search (usually need at least 2) but I found a cardi for the sale, and some fun jewelry!

 Well for those of  you in the area - come check out the sale! There are always amazing finds!

A dollar can go a long way...

 Dress: Thrifted Belt: Target Shoes: DSW: Kelly and Katie (Most comfortable shoes ever!) Earrings: Vintage Sunglasses: F21

It's been a lot harder to get your monies worth these days. With America facing further economic down fall and the job market not expanding, its a wonder that anyone can make it these days. I've been lucky enough to be able to thrift and find some real treasures, and this dress was one of them! I'm generally a size 16 (this dress is a bit bigger I think) so it's very difficult for me to find things while thrifting. Vintage is especially hard, so I make it a point that when I shop vintage for my shop, I include a wide range of sizes. Anyway, I was lucky enough to find this dress a few weeks back! It had a broken zipper, but otherwise seemed almost new! After a few zipper tricks (it was simply off the track!) I got the dress to function and look pretty great. I've worn this dress to interviews, shopping, and nannying now. It's the perfect all around summer dress: Comfortable, stylish, and flattering! The key when thrifting is to find things in a size range.

Tips and Tricks: 
       - Although you may wear a certain size at your favorite store, you need to understand that things
          at a thrift store are from different decades, companies, and countries - so dont be afraid to try
          things on!

      - You're hunting for the bargain so make sure you go and take your time!

      - Make sure you look everywhere. Things are often miss placed and scattered around the store so 
        keep your eyes peeled for fun prints, textures, and styles!

      -Lastly try and go with a friend. Just because things are at a low price doesn't mean you should get
        everything.  Make sure what you get is flattering and you have room in your wardrobe for it.
        Don't be a hoarder.

          Let me know your latest (or greatest) finds!

          August 9, 2011

          Life is but thought

          My first life-style post in Zzouzi Blog! How exciting! This is a pathetic "I'm going to nanny all day so I need to be comfortable" outfit, so to make up for it, I thought I would share my beautiful walk to the bus stop.

          F21 Striped Plus Size Dress, Gap Jean Jacket, F21 Sun Glasses, Iman Purse (more like a suitcase), Handmade Feather Earrings

          Gethsemane Garden Center is such a pleasure to walk by every day! I think thats one of the reasons I love Andersonville so much - it feels so small town. As you guys may or may not know, I'm from a fairly small city (Portland, ME) and it just reminds me of home so much.

           After work I whipped myself up a cocktail (Skinny Girl Margarita- even though I'm more of a Belgian beer kind of girl) and a fruity snack and set to work re-doing my dining room to look more like an office workspace. It is still a work in progress, but I'm pretty pleased with it. I have such a hard time finding a place to work in my house. It is either too loud, too hot, or too messy. Thankfully that makes the dining room a perfect haven for me, my crafts, and vintage.

          Check out Lena keeping me company!

          August 8, 2011

          New Beginnings

          Zzouzi Hats has seen some changes! With this expansion I hope to give you guys more updates. Hat making has been put on a slight pause due to the financial difficulties (they cost a lot!) and I've been working a lot more. I hope by including vintage and other handmade things I will actually be able to sell more items in order to fund my hat making! Always invest back in yourself, right? Anyway - I started a small etsy shop that I hope to add more to with time. I'm just excited to be doing something other than working, looking for work, interviewing, or well...working.