August 11, 2011

A dollar can go a long way...

 Dress: Thrifted Belt: Target Shoes: DSW: Kelly and Katie (Most comfortable shoes ever!) Earrings: Vintage Sunglasses: F21

It's been a lot harder to get your monies worth these days. With America facing further economic down fall and the job market not expanding, its a wonder that anyone can make it these days. I've been lucky enough to be able to thrift and find some real treasures, and this dress was one of them! I'm generally a size 16 (this dress is a bit bigger I think) so it's very difficult for me to find things while thrifting. Vintage is especially hard, so I make it a point that when I shop vintage for my shop, I include a wide range of sizes. Anyway, I was lucky enough to find this dress a few weeks back! It had a broken zipper, but otherwise seemed almost new! After a few zipper tricks (it was simply off the track!) I got the dress to function and look pretty great. I've worn this dress to interviews, shopping, and nannying now. It's the perfect all around summer dress: Comfortable, stylish, and flattering! The key when thrifting is to find things in a size range.

Tips and Tricks: 
       - Although you may wear a certain size at your favorite store, you need to understand that things
          at a thrift store are from different decades, companies, and countries - so dont be afraid to try
          things on!

      - You're hunting for the bargain so make sure you go and take your time!

      - Make sure you look everywhere. Things are often miss placed and scattered around the store so 
        keep your eyes peeled for fun prints, textures, and styles!

      -Lastly try and go with a friend. Just because things are at a low price doesn't mean you should get
        everything.  Make sure what you get is flattering and you have room in your wardrobe for it.
        Don't be a hoarder.

          Let me know your latest (or greatest) finds!

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