August 26, 2011

Vintage Humor

Monday night my sister, Kawtar, invited us to an open mic at Shambles in Wicker Park. Normally I wouldn't trek all the way across town, but I jumped at the chance to see her perform again! Christine, Paige and I sat through a lot, and I mean a lot, of performers before Kawtar finally got to go up but it was well worth it to see her hilarious set.

(We were in the front - so it really isn't just an audience of one!)
I've got to say, I don't head over to Wicker Park too much because its such a long drive and pretty inconvenient, but because of work I've really come to love the neighborhood again (even in its altered state of yuppieness). The neighborhood really takes advantage of summer and Division street is lined with creative and beautiful outdoor seating arrangements. I can not think of anything better than sitting outside with a cold beer and a good meal in this city.

These stunning ladies are a great example of how to rock vintage in an every-day way.

Kawtar (left) is wearing an adorable floral teacher dress from the 80's. Hits right above the knee, and is perfectly flattering and cute for a summer day.

Christine (middle) is wearing an Asian inspired satin floral mini dress from the early 90's. She paired it with leggings and flats to modernize this look.

Paige (right) actually bought this dress while I was working at Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ. I've been waiting for someone to snag this stunner. It's a 1960's inspired wiggle dress, that I believe was from the early 80's. We removed the shoulder pads, added a belt, and voilĂ ! Instantly modern!

I was the only one who did not sport a vintage dress! I felt so left out but I was really excited to wear this dress. It's my first animal print! (I actually wore it three times this week - hah!) 

Dress: Target (This Season)
Belt: Target (Three years ago)
Bag: Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage via Vintage Heaven
Shoes (see here): Kelly & Katie (DSW - Spring)

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