August 17, 2011

Zzouzi Vintage @ Vintage Heaven

This weekend was my first weekend selling clothes at Vintage Heaven! My sister and I are actually doing these things together. It was so much fun to meet other local Chicago vendors and to spend the entire weekend with her.  My favorite part however was really talking to all of the vendors. Everyone does things so differently, and has so many different styles! It was great to see that much of a range of vintage!

Prepping for the sale and unpacking was the most difficult part though. I have a rather large 4 door compact car, but it's always full of stuff! We some how fit my dining room table, two clothing racks, two suitcases, four bags of clothes, two boxes, and a huge duffel bag as well as three people in the car. I had no idea we had so much stuff. It took us three hours to unpack and set up. Needless to say we're really going to have to rethink our organizational technique. I think we may need to buy some of those large storage bins. Anyone have any advice?

Skirt: Handmade Shirt: Target Purse: Dooney and Bourke Vintage
** This was taken at Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ, a vintage, new, used, and handmade boutique in Andersonville before the Vintage Sale.

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