September 13, 2011

How to Modernize Your Vintage Look - Without a Sewing Machine!

It's really hard to dress up and look cute when you're running around after kid all day. That's probably the main reason I haven't been updating my blog. When I had my old job at the boutique, I had to look nice and represent the store (I failed at doing that sometimes too!) but now...3 year olds don't really care about what I wear. I'm going to attempt to do non-outfit related blog posts during the week, and maybe one or two during the weekends when I have some time to get dressed in the morning.

Today I had an afternoon sitting job, and I thought, why not look cute! It was way too hot to wear any form of pants or sweater so I threw this on. I found this dress while thrifting a few weeks back. Originally it went way past my knees, but I chopped it up to make it more modern. The only problem was when shortening the dress, I failed to measure it correctly and I cut it about an inch too short - so now I have to hand hem it.

I was taking these pictures and Ismail had to jump in... not really sure why. I don't really know if he understands why I take so many outfit pictures. (check it out -- this dress has pockets!)

I just listed this necklace...but I'm really debating on keeping it. It's just so cute and unique!

Dress/Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Zzouzi Vintage
Shoes: Target

A lot of the time I'll find a dress that has an amazing print on it, or a great silhouette, or color (like this one!) and I don't buy it because it falls under the bad 80's/90's category in my mind but I found some simple tricks to modernize the look:

The easiest one is to shorten the dress/skirt. Even if you aren't an expert sewer, just buy some stitch witchery and iron that hem up. Make sure you measure it correctly (remember measure twice, cut once!). tip on measuring: If its a circle skirt measure from the base of the skirt up how many inches you want it shortened. 

Next - Remove the shoulder pads!  Simple! Easy! Voila! 

You can also remove the sleeves -  Often, even if you remove the shoulder pads on a dress, the shoulder spacing will be so far out it still makes you seem broad shouldered. Simply make your dress sleeveless by carefully removing the sleeves from the shoulder seam using a seam ripper (or small scissors). Turn the dress inside out, and at the shoulder seam cut the thread that is surged on there carefully and hand stitch it back in place.

But the easiest way to transform a look is to just simply add a belt! The 80's were full of drop waist dresses that work so well for many people (not me), so whenever I encounter a drop waist dress, I just add a belt and make it a blousy top!  (Okay, this dress is really not the best example because the waistline isn't that low - but give it a try with a real drop waist - it makes a really cute mini dress!)

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  1. Also, if you have a long skirt, just wear it as a dress and put a belt on it!


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