September 18, 2011

Sister Saturday in the Suburbs!

Since Kawtar started school, I haven't been able to see her much so last week we planned a big trip to the suburbs to go thrifting and exploring. Since we're both from a fairly small state, having suburbs that are large and like a city of their own is very new to us! We went up to Chicago's richest suburb (according to the internet) and it turns out they don't have any thrift stores! We should have known! The rich don't thrift! Anyway, after some exploring, we found an awesome flea market and some thrift stores and had a super awesome day!

Coffee Studio coffee at hand--ready for the day!

Kawtar and I are now forever drawn to things that look like junk. The more the better! Treasure hunters!

So many amazing pieces! What a collection!

 This was our favorite booth (the above three images). She had the most personal amazing collection from the 1940-60's. I know Amy is just dying over that elephant belt now.

Dress/Leggings: Target 
Moccasins: Minnetonka Moccasin 
Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Shirt/Cardigan/Pants: Target (sigh) 
Scarf/Bracelets: Vintage
Purse: Dooney and Bourke

We saw cows on our drive home...cows.   

The suburbs were really refreshing. I can't believe how used to the anxiety the city gives me! It was calming, there was always parking, and people were really friendly. (Although, I will admit, most Chicagoan are super nice!) They remind me of Maine, the quiet family life, open space, overall peacefulness. I think this is going to become a frequent thing!

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