September 6, 2011




Well folks, this is where the magic happens-- vintage and handmade creation magic that is. Ok, so not much has changed but I actually just redid this to include that large table that you see to the right. I realized that my small desk was not large enough for me to sew and did not have enough space for me to spread my supplies out. I longed for a corner table, but since I have that silly heater in the corner, I had to find another solution. The long table also doubles as a table for craft and vintage fairs! It folds up and fold in half with a handle! They've seriously thought of everything.

What I'm most excited about is the Babar et Les Balloons Water color poster that is in front of my desk. When I was a kid I loved Babar and my mom used to always read me his stories. I scored this large scale water colored poster at the thrift store the other day. I knew it was the just the thing I needed to replace those records. (Although the records will probably end up on another wall).

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  1. Your studio looks so cute!! I need a sewing table too... Not that I sew. But I COULD. IF I HAD A TABLE.


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