October 18, 2011

Fall Vintage Photoshoot

1950's Print Dress

1960's Salmon Dress  & 1960's Sunglasses

1950's Bike Skirt and 1960's Lace Sweater and a Zzouzi Hat

1960's Feather Print Shirt & 1960's Wool A-line skirt 

1970's Shirt Dress

1960's Pleated Skirt paired with a 1970's Printed Shirt and a Dooney & Bourke Purse and 1980's Sunglasses

1960's Escada Pants paired with a 1980's Number shirt and Zzouzi Hat

1960's Salmon Dress  & 1960's Sunglasses

1940's Hand Beaded Cardigan paired with a 1970's Shirt Dress

It was such a pleasure working with all of these talented and beautiful women. It was so much fun. We worked really well together. Here's a list of the team:

Clothes - Zzouzi Vintage
Photographer - Nina Pagano
Stylist - Kawtar Azzouzi
Hair & Makeup - Sarah Azzouzi 

October 17, 2011

Store Inspiration

It's always been a dream of mine to have my own shop that features handmade and vintage clothes as well as a jumble of other nic nacs. Downtown Portland, Maine is full of adorable little shops that have really unique handmade pieces as well as really creative displays that really combine everything that I love: nautical influence, animals, shabby chic, and found objects!

Look at that stunning chandelier! Find an old lantern and add some galvanized wire to it and attach papers from old novels, childrens books, modern stationary or decorative papers

Look at their great bag holders! AND they're using towel rods to hang tissue paper!

Vintage paper as a back drop is a great way to easily redo the interior of a shelf or desk instead of contact paper!

The two shops above are Blanche & Mimi and Motifs.
 These picture's are really not doing the two shops justice. They're super cute. 

October 16, 2011

My Bestfriend's Wedding

For most people graduating college comes with a lot of life changes including more responsibilities, bill pay, and well...marriage. I went from never attending an American wedding to going to four, in two years (I was a bridesmaid in two of them).

Travis proposed to Sophi in August and they decided that they did not want to wait to have the wedding and since Sophi's childhood home is up for sale, there was no better time to have an at home Autumn garden wedding she's always dreamed of. Sophi grew up on Peaks Island, its about a 15 min boat ride from Maine. The island is 5 miles around and everyone knows one another.

Sophi was stunning in a vintage wedding dress with lace and a pleated skirt!

baby Bella!

Great gift table - bird cage for cards, a handmade sailboat for "money donations"

Photographs were everywhere!
Sophi and Travis  had people sign their sail instead of a guest book! (FYI- they live on a boat!)
Sophi & Bella - I made Sophi's veil as well as the hair pieces for the bridal party and flower girls.

Skirt: Ashley Stewart
Shirt & Earrings: Target
Bracelets: Vintage & Spain (a gift from Val)
Shoes: BOBS

I've got to say - this is the most casual I've ever gone to a wedding and I loved it! It was unbelievably hot for an October wedding so I nixed the tights and boots and went for super casual (yet glittery flats). Sophi had asked all of her bridesmaids to wear similar fall color tones and I had such a hard time with it. I originally purchased a dress from ModCloth but I felt I needed to return it because of the poor quality of the dress. I was really annoyed with them because it's one of their best selling dresses. How can people be so fooled?! 

I'm really excited about the turqoise bracelet I wore (and I continue to wear with every outfit!). One of my bestfriends, Val, got that for me while she was teaching in Spain. She said it immediately reminded her of me--boy does she know me well! I'm obsessed. Seriously.

Have you guys been to any great DIY weddings recently? Any tips or tricks? I guess I should be starting to plan my own wedding now...

(ps- sorry for the poor quality of these photos - I only had my iPhone for the weekend!)

October 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Hello Dodo

HELLO EVERYONE! This is not Sarah. Sarah is on vacation in Maine and asked me to guest blog for her while she was away. My name is Amy and I run a style blog called Hello Dodo, where I feature my daily outfits and talk about clothing a lot. Sarah and I went to school together and we are close friends, but I am also a frequent customer of Zzouzi Handmade & Vintage.

Unfortunately, I don't really wear hats and headbands very often because I have a weirdly-shaped head that is most unsuitable for headwear. And though I am a huge fan of vintage clothing, I am notoriously bad at thrifting and buying vintage has always been scary to me, because I never know how the fit will be or if the garment will need insane amounts of altering to be wearable. Also, none of my artistic abilities involve crafting anything real of any kind. Therefore, I can't really write about the kinds of things she typically blogs about, her sweet vintage finds, shopping adventures, or DIY projects.

What I can do is show off some of my favorite pieces I've acquired from Zzouzi Handmade & Vintage and how I've been incorporating them into my closet:

Vintage Noah's Ark Animal Pin Set

Okay, COME ON. How cute are these?! I love that they come in a little set and I can split them up or wear them together. Of course, I'm pretty sure I'm always going to wear them all together. In fact, I wish I had one of every animal so I could wear them ALL together. Yes, I would be covered in tiny pins, but I would feel on top of the world.

Vintage Skirts

I got both of these skirts from Sarah when she was still involved in The Mockingbirds. Not gonna lie, both of these were originally horrifically long and would never have worked on my short frame. It's amazing what a bit of hemming can do though. (Hemming not done by me, obviously, since I am still terrified of my sewing machine. Colleen did the honors. Thank you, Colleen!) Both are now breezy summer skirts, easy to throw on when the weather's sweltering.

(a.k.a. the best skirt in the known universe)

This skirt was made for me. If anyone knows me personally (or hell, even just reads my blog once or twice), they'll know that I am obsessed with animals. I draw animals all the time, I am constantly adding new pets into my furry family, and animals are heavily featured in my wardrobe and jewelry collection. When Sarah bought this skirt, she made the mistake of sending me a photo of it. My first reaction was, "Wait... Are those DUCKS?!" After forcing her to take measurements of it and realizing that was exactly my size and was the perfect knee length for my short legs, Sarah heaved a deep sigh of defeat, and with an "UGH! FINE!" of exasperation, the skirt was mine! It didn't even make it onto her Etsy store.

When I put it on for the first time and the fit was perfect, I also found that it had pockets. Freakin' pockets. My other favorite thing, after animal clothing, is a skirt with pockets. It was like a vintage clothing fairy tale. I was in blissful, everlasting, love. Except my Prince Charming was this awesome corduroy skirt with ducks all over it.

So the moral of this story is, if I can find the perfect vintage duck-covered skirt of my dreams, so can you! Vintage clothing isn't as scary as I'd always thought, although I have to admit, it's been really helpful to have Sarah holding my hand through it this whole time.

Signing off until the next time Sarah lets me hijack her account,
Amy of Hello Dodo

October 2, 2011

Fall Vintage Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Paige and Anna looking glamorous 

Paige is wearing a 1960's sequin dress.
Anna is wearing a beautiful 1940's wiggle dress.

Christine embodying Twiggy 

Christine is wearing a 1960's pleated dress.

My blogger friend Marie from So What if I like Pretty Things- who was our go-to gall for casual wear! Ironic because she is very skirt-centric!

Marie is wearing:
High waisted red pants from the 1980's
A tooled leather handbag from the 1970's

Jasmine looking too cute in her school girl chic outfit!
Jasmine is wearing:
Headband by Zzouzi Hats
 1960's polkadot blouse

The photoshoot went so well! All of the models were wonderful and it was SUCH a fun team to work with. These are just a small sample of photos taken by me and Kawtar but our main photographer was Nina Pagano and I can not wait to see her photos! Kawtar was the stylist for the shoot, I did hair and make up and we had SIX lovely models to work with: Anna Gorman, Christine Harrison, Paige Saliba, Marie Elliot, Jasmine Chong, and Alicia Moreno.

More amazing photographs to come!