October 18, 2011

Fall Vintage Photoshoot

1950's Print Dress

1960's Salmon Dress  & 1960's Sunglasses

1950's Bike Skirt and 1960's Lace Sweater and a Zzouzi Hat

1960's Feather Print Shirt & 1960's Wool A-line skirt 

1970's Shirt Dress

1960's Pleated Skirt paired with a 1970's Printed Shirt and a Dooney & Bourke Purse and 1980's Sunglasses

1960's Escada Pants paired with a 1980's Number shirt and Zzouzi Hat

1960's Salmon Dress  & 1960's Sunglasses

1940's Hand Beaded Cardigan paired with a 1970's Shirt Dress

It was such a pleasure working with all of these talented and beautiful women. It was so much fun. We worked really well together. Here's a list of the team:

Clothes - Zzouzi Vintage
Photographer - Nina Pagano
Stylist - Kawtar Azzouzi
Hair & Makeup - Sarah Azzouzi 

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