October 16, 2011

My Bestfriend's Wedding

For most people graduating college comes with a lot of life changes including more responsibilities, bill pay, and well...marriage. I went from never attending an American wedding to going to four, in two years (I was a bridesmaid in two of them).

Travis proposed to Sophi in August and they decided that they did not want to wait to have the wedding and since Sophi's childhood home is up for sale, there was no better time to have an at home Autumn garden wedding she's always dreamed of. Sophi grew up on Peaks Island, its about a 15 min boat ride from Maine. The island is 5 miles around and everyone knows one another.

Sophi was stunning in a vintage wedding dress with lace and a pleated skirt!

baby Bella!

Great gift table - bird cage for cards, a handmade sailboat for "money donations"

Photographs were everywhere!
Sophi and Travis  had people sign their sail instead of a guest book! (FYI- they live on a boat!)
Sophi & Bella - I made Sophi's veil as well as the hair pieces for the bridal party and flower girls.

Skirt: Ashley Stewart
Shirt & Earrings: Target
Bracelets: Vintage & Spain (a gift from Val)
Shoes: BOBS

I've got to say - this is the most casual I've ever gone to a wedding and I loved it! It was unbelievably hot for an October wedding so I nixed the tights and boots and went for super casual (yet glittery flats). Sophi had asked all of her bridesmaids to wear similar fall color tones and I had such a hard time with it. I originally purchased a dress from ModCloth but I felt I needed to return it because of the poor quality of the dress. I was really annoyed with them because it's one of their best selling dresses. How can people be so fooled?! 

I'm really excited about the turqoise bracelet I wore (and I continue to wear with every outfit!). One of my bestfriends, Val, got that for me while she was teaching in Spain. She said it immediately reminded her of me--boy does she know me well! I'm obsessed. Seriously.

Have you guys been to any great DIY weddings recently? Any tips or tricks? I guess I should be starting to plan my own wedding now...

(ps- sorry for the poor quality of these photos - I only had my iPhone for the weekend!)

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