October 17, 2011

Store Inspiration

It's always been a dream of mine to have my own shop that features handmade and vintage clothes as well as a jumble of other nic nacs. Downtown Portland, Maine is full of adorable little shops that have really unique handmade pieces as well as really creative displays that really combine everything that I love: nautical influence, animals, shabby chic, and found objects!

Look at that stunning chandelier! Find an old lantern and add some galvanized wire to it and attach papers from old novels, childrens books, modern stationary or decorative papers

Look at their great bag holders! AND they're using towel rods to hang tissue paper!

Vintage paper as a back drop is a great way to easily redo the interior of a shelf or desk instead of contact paper!

The two shops above are Blanche & Mimi and Motifs.
 These picture's are really not doing the two shops justice. They're super cute. 

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  1. I want everything. Maybe I should go to Maine...


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