January 29, 2012

Etsy Meet 'N Greet

Yesterday was Etsy's Chicago Meet N Greet at Vecco Studio. Most of the time it's pretty difficult for me to walk up to people and start a conversation (startling- I know), especially if its a large room of people that I don't know, but it's much easier when you automatically have something in common to break the ice. Everyone at the event had an Etsy shop! With that launching conversations the room was soon full of chatter and laughter. Its really nice to be able to have a network that you can ask for advice or help from. Each person had completely different strategies that they shared and compared. It was really interesting to see other peoples insight on what you're doing with your shop verses what they're doing and what has been working for them. 

We were able to talk to Etsy admins about our concerns with the website, what has been working for us and what hasn't. It was really nice to be able to voice our opinions face-to-face as oppose to just an email and a possible response a few days (weeks) later. I only got to speak to Morgan and Kimm, but both were very cool and really interested in what we had to say.

the cute sisters from Bunny's Trunk Show

My favorites!

Vecco Studio, is an innovative studio that incorporates a spray dying technique on carpets allowing you to set your own design in an inexpensive and creative way. What a great location for the event! They even had demos and allowed us to test it!

Finished product!

There were drinks and treats provided that kept everyone happy for the few hours we were there. I think we ended up staying far past the time the event was scheduled for...so after a couple more drinks we headed out to dinner.

Outfit Details:
Tribal Silk Shirt: Marshalls
Rust Cardigan: Target
Pleated Dress: Forever21
Sweater Knit Tights: Hue (I LOVE them!)
OTK Boots: Baking Sota Aerosoles
Bracelets: Vintage, Thrifted (target), from Morocco
Pillbox Hat : Zzouzi Hats
Leather Braided Belt: Vintage

Too many drinks later we called it a night..oh and what a night it was! I can't believe how much fun I had, thank you ladies! 

Some of the cool shop owners I met are:

Make sure you visit their shops - they all have such an amazing selection of Vintage and handmade pieces!


  1. So great to meet you! and glad you had a great time! Hopefully you made some new friends and learned a few things

    1. You too! It was so much fun and I definitely learned a lot!

  2. This looks like it was so much fun, I'm sad I had to miss it!

    1. Im sad you couldnt make it either -- but Martha from Vintage Etsy Society Street Team said she was going to try to arrange more Chicago Meet ups!

  3. how fun! so great to meet you!
    cant wait to see you this weekend at The Vintage Bazaar!


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