January 3, 2012

How to Winterize a Maxi Dress

I love this dress. Since late summer I've been dreaming about maxis and I haven't been able to get over it, even with this harsh winter weather, so I had to find a few tricks to turn a summer maxi, into a do-able winter outfit. Boots, leggings, knee high socks are base of your outfit, then you layer cardigans (or a fur vest as I opted for here) a wind blocking leather jacket, accessories (and maybe a fringe scarf to complete the hippie look) and you've got yourself a warm winter outfit. This dress is a perfect color for all of the seasons, so why not wear it all year round?

Outfit Details:
Similar Boots Aldo - On Sale: $97
Similar Purse: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection On Sale $179
Similar Vest: Urban Outfitters $98  (Note: Vest can be worn under or OVER the coat)
Similar Jacket: Urban Outfitters $129 
Similar Belt: Etsy   $24
Similar Bangles: Etsy $28, Etsy $28, Forever21 $3-15

I'm still trying to figure out how to creatively winterize the rest of my summer clothes. I mainly go the straight forward route with the leggings, boots, and cardigan, but I'm trying to figure out more creative ways of doing it. This one seemed more difficult too because its a maxi dress. I have yet to try layering shirts under dresses, so I think that's my next move. What's something that you've turned into a winter outfit that you didn't expect to? 

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