January 18, 2012


On Sunday Amy and I went to Japantown after some quick thrifting at the Mission. We found some pretty neat pieces while shopping, but most were out of my vintage budget and the pieces that weren't were nothing to fuss about. It's always hard to find good pieces in a city since so much is picked through, though there are quite a few places in Chicago where you can find some great vintage pieces.

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Anthropologie 
Shirt: Marshalls
Cardigan: Target
Leather Bomber Jacket: Unsure?
Boots:  Baking Sota by Aerosoles
 Bracelets: Vintage, Forever21, Gift from Spain
Purse: Dooney and Bourke 

We headed to Japantown afterwards for lunch and some yummy treats. We had some really good Japanese ramen that really warmed us up after our windy walk there. I was really excited to try it since the closest thing I've had was the pathetic, 25 cent sad excuse for a college meal, ramen. It was really delicious!

Afterwards Amy and I took an obnoxious amount of pictures at PickaPicka, a Japanese style photo booth store. It was so much fun! After taking the pictures (which I was totally unprepared for) you were given 3 minutes to add decoration, boarders, and text to them. It was quite stressful actually since we were on a timer and I am super indecisive. One of the photo booths enlarged eyes so it made my eyes look a Disney character.

Check out how large the photobooth made my eyes!

Siigh. Why do vacations have to end?



  1. Isn't non-instant ramen delicious? So great on cold days. The skirt looks great on you, I like how its different on the bottom half.

    1. Yeah its SO good, and SUPER filling...although I couldn't help but get a Japanese crepe afterwards! Haha!

      Thanks! I totally fell in love with the skirt when I saw it on Amy. It's more than I've ever payed for a skirt, but totally worth it.


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