January 30, 2012

Neighbors Are Mean

Saturday I was photographing a few of my vintage pieces in the hallway, where I photograph them every weekend, and I was being super quite and I even waited until 10:30 to do it. I made no noise...but some how my downstairs neighbor heard me..then proceeded to curse me out through his door way calling me some pretty nasty names, which honestly, scared the shit out of me.

I called my landlord and she said she couldn't do anything about it but she was going to have someone call him and say she's gotten complaints about him. He has been doing this for a few weeks now to all of my neighbors (yelling at them because they've been too loud...ironic isn't it?). Anyway, before this month I had never seen him and I assumed he was a new resident, but she told me no one new had moved in this past year...which is strange.

Needless to say, I'm a little scared to go out in my hallway to take pictures for my shop now. What a crappy way to start my weekend. Sigh. Right so, I didn't really want to stay home alone all day (well Lena was there...but cats aren't very protective) so Kawtar and I went out and did some shopping which helped a lot. Who doesn't love retail therapy?

Outfit Details: 
 Shirt: Thrifted
Shorts: Target
Knit Tights: HUE
OTK Boots: Baking SOTA Aerosoles
Blazer: Vintage
Dooney and Bourke Purse: Vintage 
Belt: Vintage
Bracelets: Moroccan, Vintage, Thrifted Target
Necklace: Thrifted

Sorry for the downer post... I thought I'd end things in a lighter note: CAT GIF! You can see how much Lena doesn't want to take pictures of me here.

So, I'm faced with a little dilemma now - do I continue to take pictures of my vintage stuff in the hall or do I move it into my house?

Home VS Hall

I really liked the drastic shadows lighting in the hallway gave the clothes and the vintage wallpaper but sometimes its kind of hard to see the detailing in the clothes and it was especially hard to photograph clothes. At home I will have privacy but then I'm left with a boring white background - and the lighting isn't that great. Help!



  1. I vote "home" -- Get some cool sheets or fabric for a backdrop, and a cheap shop light or something, and create a better set to photograph in your apartment. How crazy that your neighbor was yelling through the door! I wouldn't provoke him further (and also hope he moves out!!). xoxo! Also, your kitty is so cute!

    1. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'm totally thrown by this guy. I had never seen him before.

  2. I LOVE the shot you took at home, I think the clean background really makes the fabric and the shape stand out, and it looks so clean and bright!

    I used to have a crazy neighbor who would curse at me through the door, and bang on my door then run back into her apartment -- one day my boyfriend knocked on her door and asked her what her problem was, but it didn't help, she just started cursing louder! Don't worry too much about this mean neighbor though, people who can only take a stand from behind a closed door are probably cowards, anyway.

  3. Well that makes me feel a lot better. I was worried the at home one was too yellow - but I think Im going to add some reflectors to bounce the light up a bit.

    Yeah! That's what this guy is doing. My next door neighbor walked up the stairs TOO LOUDLY and then he yelled at him through the door and then ran up the stairs to bang on his door then ran back to his apartment. Its kind of crazy. Yeah I will be avoiding him...

  4. Sorry to hear about your grouch neighbor. Love the gif with Lena!

  5. Ugh I'm sorry your neighbor is like that. We are top-floor people here, and sometimes I worry that I make too much noise when doing the weekly laundry, but no one has yelled at me yet. I think the "indoor" photos are better for the clothing actually. You can see the clothing better, as well as the details.

    1. We live on the top floor too person down below me must hate me because around midnight my cat likes to run like a stallion...thankfully he is as nice as could be...its the guy who's across from him who is a terror.

      Yeah :) I think the indoor pictures win. Thanks!

  6. The burgundy color is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for your kind comments. Now following :)

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)


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