January 2, 2012

Things not bought

Thrifting takes a lot of patience and there are many things that are put in my cart that, for one reason or another, don't end up making the cut. I always wonder how other vintage sellers edit down their items from a cart full to a select few treasures so I thought I would provide a little insight on how I make my choices. Here are a few pieces that didn't make it and why:








1. 1980's Adorable pumps with gold bow embellishment. Made in Spain. Size 5 1/2
I thought they were a super cute but they seemed too "holiday-y". Also, the size 5 1/2 is such a small size that I was concerned I would have a hard time finding a buyer for them.
2. 1970's/1980's Coral colored tribal necklace. These silly African necklaces keep following me! I found two in one week, and I loved them. One I have still yet to list (I'm terrible at listing jewelry :-/ ) and one sold a few months ago...I thought this one needed more animals on it!
3. 1980's Acid washed long jean jacket with a tribal print. Kawtar is much better at figuring out which 80s/90s things are cooler. I had to "call a friend" for this piece. She nixed it.
4. 1980's Wolf (?) print sweater coat. The print was super cool, but unfortunately 80's silhouette is not something that looks good on many people...so sadly, it did not make it.
5. 1970's a-line rust plaid skirt - so  close to getting it...but I opted out just because I wasn't "in love" with it.
6. 1970's Floral maxi dress with velvet empire waist. This was a tough call too. I had to send Amy a picture and she assured me that it was more "Grandma" than cool.
7. 1980's Star Cardigan. It was a cute cardigan, but it didn't have the "wow" factor. I'm also trying to not buy as many 80's clothing unless they're really unique.

Hope that provided a little more insight  on how we select some of our pieces for Zzouzi Vintage!


(PS: My New Year's resolution is to update more often!)

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