January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Baby Headbands

Last week I made a few baby headbands for Lillie's 1st birthday a gift and they were a hit! One of Emilia's friends ordered some for Valentine's day, so I've been busy as a bee looking for soft headbands in Valentine's Day colors (hard to find!!!) and making these cute themed headbands. I also made some for an old friend of mine, Ashley, who just had a baby girl! I guess I never thought that cute headbands for children would be so difficult to find, but I guess they're all the same lace headband with a bow!

Anyway, I've been super tired recently because I've been trying to exhaust the boys I nanny by running around the park with them but its really been just exhausting me. I'll post more this weekend. I'm going to an Etsy run event on Friday so I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of that!

Happy hump day everyone! The weekend can not get here fast enough.


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