February 29, 2012

Jet Rag Vintage in LA

On Saturday we stopped by Jet Rag Vintage based on Leilani's recommendation - and boy, it did not disappoint! Racks and racks of clothing from the early 1920's to the present day. It was unbelievable. We kept walking through the store and finding more and more things. We totally missed a whole section of the store devoted to formal long dresses. I honestly was more overwhelmed than anything..which is so surprising because I love thrifting. I guess its a little different when you want to look through everything because you know that it's all vintage!

I bought a really cute skirt with puppies on it...which I may have left in LA? I'm not sure. I had to jam pack my suitcase with the vintage clothes I bought the following day. On Sundays Jet Rag has their dollar yard sale where they have most of their old pieces on the ground in small piles and everything is a dollar. Most of the things weren't even worth the dollar...but then 10:45 rolled around and they brought out all of their new merchandise. I have no idea where they get it all--but its more vintage than I have ever seen in my life.

The vintage clothes were wrapped in piles (think hay stacks) and alined in a row. People came early and scouted out which pile they wanted to ruffle through, then they sat on their claimed stack of clothes. When they cut off the plastic we were not allowed to touch it until all of the plastic was cut off and they said "go". You could feel the anticipation in the air. Once they said go everyone grabbed all they could and moved it into a pile on the side lines in order to ruffle through it. It was chaos!

We teamed up with a couple of people who've done it before and made a massive pile of vintage clothes. It took us a while to go through everything since we had to make sure everyone in the group didnt want the item before we tossed it in the "no" pile. People were like vultures surrounding our pile and trying to take stuff we were looking through. Lets just say tensions were really high..and it was really stressful. One woman actually threatened me after we got in a little spat. She was too intense for me!


Anyway - it got some really nice vintage pieces and I guess I would do it again..and maybe be a little more mentally prepared. It stresses me out just thinking about it. Oh well. It was worth it!

February 28, 2012

Weekend in LA Pt 1

I was lucky enough to escape the sudden snow here in Chicago for a weekend and visit one of my old time friends, Christine, in LA. I had never been so I was eager to see the super touristy spots. Even though I got to LA pretty late Friday we were still able to be out of the house by 9am.

EEP! Harry Potter!

We saw them setting up for the Academy Awards!

At the Farmer's Market

A store that only sold hot sauce!

Venice Beach!

Outfit Details:
Off the shoulder shirt: Marshalls
Electric Blue Pants:  Target
Sandals: Target
Dooney and Bourke Draw string purse: Vintage
Necklace: Target
Watch: Michael Kors Horn
Bracelet: Forever21

It seems kind of unfair that this part of the world has such beautiful weather year-round while I'm freezing my butt off in Chicago. Although, this winter has been very very very mild.

I have a lot more pictures to share so stay tuned!


February 24, 2012

Travel Tips & Tricks

Traveling is a stressful thing for many people, but it really doesn't have to be. I'm no expert on traveling but I've been an international traveler since I was an infant thanks to my family. We would travel to Morocco almost every summer to visit family and since then I've been trying to travel every chance I get. I've got to say I'm pretty calm when I travel (unlike my mom who is in constant hysterics) so here are a couple of tips and tricks that may help you out in future travel:

Travel & Packing Tips 
  1.  Pack Lightly - Ok - so, I totally over pack, but not to the point that my suitcase is jam packed. I have A LOT to pack and I over pack outfits because I'm a "mood" dresser and Amy get so irritated - but I can't help it! That brings us to #2 ->
  2. Wear some of your new clothes before vacation - I have so many new outfits I want to wear on vacation that I end up packing too much.  That'll help when you're packing so you don't over pack. You can also test them out and see if you will want to wear them while on holiday.
  3. Clean out make up bag - Go through you make up bag and pick the pieces of make up you wear every day - don't pack the rest. If you need "night" make up, pack that. Most of our make up bags are full of make up we don't use every day and that takes up a lot of room.
  4. Pack the clothes at the bottom, make up and fragile pieces in the middle, and shoes up top. Your make up will have good support in the middle of your shoes and clothes and wont get bumped around as much (everyone hates those powder spills) and your suitcase wont fall over because it is well balanced with the heaviest part at the bottom.
  5. Tape your loose powder - Ugh how annoying is it when you open up your powder blush and it's all over the cover..well before you pack it - put some tape on the holes and you wont have it flipping over mid-flight.
  6. Control the weight of your bag - If you're worried about going over weight on your suitcase pack all of your jeans (they each weigh 1lb), make up, and shoes on your carry on.
  7. Wear your heaviest clothes if you're over packing-  by no means layer up because that makes security a pain in the butt, but a pair of jeans, boots, your coat etc are fine. If you're not over packing - for the love of god - wear comfortable clothes! No one wants to sit next to someone fidgeting all flight because they wore skinny jeans and heals to look cute for their 7 hr flight.
  8. Reuse travel size containers - If you wear contacts you can reuse the travel size one by taking your full sizes contact solution and pooring it into a container (make sure container is very clean) and then suck in all the liquid with your travel size container by squeezing out all of the air and replacing it with the liquid.
  9. Don't wear jewelry, scarves, belts, or difficult shoes - If you must wear jewelry put it in your carry on and then wear it once you're past security.
  10. Bring two purses - I usually bring a purse, my computer bag, and a carry on. Before I get to the security line, I put my purse in my computer bag then after I take it out. This allows me to be able to look through my purse easily. Also most of the time, if you're traveling on a full flight, they will let you gate check your bag - which is great! I hate finding over head storage. On Virgin America if you gate check your bag you're allowed on the plane first.

Tonight I will hopefully be on a flight from Chicago to L.A. It some how always manages to snow the day before I travel. Sigh. But my flight is at 6pm so I think I should be fine.

Outfit Details: 
Striped Shirt - Old Navy (on sale - $5!)
Black Jegging - Target
OTK Socks -  Hue
OTK Boots - Aerosoles Baking Sota

Minimal & Comfortable - Perfect for traveling :)


February 23, 2012

Love Swap

I've never done a blogger swap before and when I saw Viktoria & Stacia were hosting a Love Swap - I jumped at the chance to be a part of it! Who doesn't love receiving surprise goodies in the mail? Katie from Confessions of a Post-Grad Twenty Something was my secret cupid. I can't wait for her to share her gift!

I got this lovely gift from Rose of I Still Choose You . Her note said that she had read my blog and she notice how I love rust colored things (I do!!) and she handmade this necklace just for me! It was so thoughtful! I was so excited. Its so beautiful. Thank you so much Rose! I especially love the ribbon part because it can be worn in so many different ways - as a bracelet, as a pearl necklace with the bow in the back or in the front.

In an age where everything is so instant it's nice to have to wait for a surprise in the mail.


February 22, 2012

European Brunch

Christina and I went out to brunch at one of my favorite north side spots: Cafe Selmarie. They have such yummy pastries. They remind me of a lot of the French-Moroccan pastries we have during special occasions. The great thing about Selmarie is that even if its peak brunch hours, we can manage to get a table fairly quickly.

Outfit Details:
Trench: Thrifted
Scarf: Vintage
Shirt & Jeans: Target
Flats: Payless
Watch: Michael Kors Horn
Bracelet: Vintage

I love how nice a casual weekend can be. Most of the time I have to run a ton of errands or work during my weekend off...but last weekend I just did nothing and it was amazing. This weekend I'm off to L.A.! It'll be my first time visiting and I can not be more excited. I also get to spend an entire weekend with my long time friend Christine and her cutie pie cats

PS: This is my first time taking outside pictures with my new tripod! A hispanic guy walked by me and laughed as I was setting it up...not really sure why. hahahah


February 20, 2012

Black and White and Gold

Outfit Details:
Black Shirt - Target
Shorts - Target
Tights - Target
Boots - Aerosoles Baking Sota

When I put this outfit on I felt a little like a waitress in the typical black dress pants and white button down look.. (bad flashbacks to when I was one) but I think the grey tights and boots helped a lot. I'm pretty proud that I can wear most of my clothes year-round now and I don't have to pack away my shorts until the summer. I wore this Friday while at work (by some miracle I did not get it dirty) and then out to dinner with an old roommate, Hannah. It's always nice to see people from college, it's been so hard to keep in touch with them because everyone is so busy. We went to this great Vietnamese place for dinner and caught up on what's going on in each other's lives, and reminisced on how easy we had it while in school.  It seems so strange to be so nostalgic of a time that wasn't very long ago...but a lot has changed in 2 years.

Anyway, sorry about all the rambling. I've been pretty tired from the weekend. I've been trying to re-organize all of my vintage clothes after The Vintage Bazaar. I have three racks of clothes in my house now, one for listed clothes, one for non listed clothes, and one (that I just added!) for photographed but not listed clothes. Its been working out really well! I've wanted an extra rack for photographed clothes but I couldn't find a place to put it, I finally somehow squeezed it into my dining room by my desk. I really need to figure out a way to have my clothes not take over the entire apartment...maybe a trip to Ikea is in order. Any suggestions?

February 19, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Kawtar and I found these amazing pieces of luggage a few weeks ago while thrifting. We do try to focus on clothes...but when you see pieces like this, there is no way to pass them up. After some research we found out that they're very high end travel pieces, made from the same material and manufacturers as Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus luggage. They've probably seen more of the world in their lifetime than most of us will ever see and are still in phenomenal condition. Most of my suitcases don't last more than a few (3 or so) trips (the zipper or fabric tears).  I guess the saying is true -- they don't make 'em like they used to.


February 18, 2012

Lena the Cat

I was testing different settings on my camera and he was the perfect little model.


Pinterest VS Facebook

Its so very true. During the week you think you're going to get so much done, but by the time the weekend rolls around - you're exhausted from the week and you spend all weekend on the couch watching reruns of Downton Abbey.

So, needless to say, not very much got accomplished today. I got super sleepy and left the house to get a cup of coffee and I ended up thrifting some spring things, which is fine. I did get to photograph some garments...but I can't get motivated to list them!

I hate being unproductive during the weekend! bah.

February 17, 2012

DIY: Embellished Blouse

Equipment Daddy with Jeweled Collar 


  • The white blouse was about $5 and the beaded Forever21 shirt was $3. 
  • I would recommend a very stiff collard men's shirt.
  • E-6000 mini tube came in a pack of 4 - it was about $4
Total cost: $12

    Carefully remove the sequins, beads, or embellishment from the item you bought. It doesn't have to be another shirt - if you find jewelry, purses, accessories those would all work too. (I'm much more of a gold person so that's why I went with these glass beads. You can easily do this with jewels and get the exact same look as the inspiration.)

    Lay the embellishment out on the collar of the shirt and make sure you like the way it looks.  I wanted i to be pretty solid at the base of the collar and have it disperse a bit as it went further up

    Glue the pieces down with E-6000. Be careful because this glue is pretty toxic (and super smelly!) Once the pieces are down you can tidy them up a bit. I had some issues because the beads on the shirt were sewn together so cutting the fabric meant cutting the string that kept them together so I had to glue them in place pretty securely while trying not to pull any off.

    Trim off the string and tidy up the collar. Let it set for about 24 hours so the glue sets completely. 

    And that's it! You have yourself a stylish blouse that can be worn casually or formally for less than $15!

    I wore mine to work today (I hope I don't get it dirty) because I'm going to dinner with a friend tonight and I just couldn't wait! I love it!

    Let me know if you guys have any questions!