February 17, 2012

DIY: Embellished Blouse

Equipment Daddy with Jeweled Collar 


  • The white blouse was about $5 and the beaded Forever21 shirt was $3. 
  • I would recommend a very stiff collard men's shirt.
  • E-6000 mini tube came in a pack of 4 - it was about $4
Total cost: $12

    Carefully remove the sequins, beads, or embellishment from the item you bought. It doesn't have to be another shirt - if you find jewelry, purses, accessories those would all work too. (I'm much more of a gold person so that's why I went with these glass beads. You can easily do this with jewels and get the exact same look as the inspiration.)

    Lay the embellishment out on the collar of the shirt and make sure you like the way it looks.  I wanted i to be pretty solid at the base of the collar and have it disperse a bit as it went further up

    Glue the pieces down with E-6000. Be careful because this glue is pretty toxic (and super smelly!) Once the pieces are down you can tidy them up a bit. I had some issues because the beads on the shirt were sewn together so cutting the fabric meant cutting the string that kept them together so I had to glue them in place pretty securely while trying not to pull any off.

    Trim off the string and tidy up the collar. Let it set for about 24 hours so the glue sets completely. 

    And that's it! You have yourself a stylish blouse that can be worn casually or formally for less than $15!

    I wore mine to work today (I hope I don't get it dirty) because I'm going to dinner with a friend tonight and I just couldn't wait! I love it!

    Let me know if you guys have any questions!


    1. $12, nicely done! You're brave to wear a white shirt, I would no doubt get it dirty if I wore one.

      1. I haven't gotten anything on it yet (Knock on wood). I'm TERRIBLE at wearing white. I ALWAYS spill stuff. I'm wearing a black shirt over it - so maybe that's why.


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