February 6, 2012

DIY: How to make a Pinwheel

I saw some really cute pinwheels on Pinterest today and I wanted to figure out how to make one. 

Step 1: Fold your 8x16 piece of paper in half  
Step 2: Fold the corner into the center fold 
Step 3: Cut the folded triangle out and glue the different colors of paper together

Step 4: You now have a square that is folded diagonally - you will need to fold it in diagonally the opposite way.
Step 5: Decorate the piece of paper
Step 6: Cut along the folds almost to the center. 

Step 7: Take every other cut corner and fold it down to the center and tape it.
Step 8: After taping them down use your hole punch to put hole in the center
Step 9: Put your bendy straw through the hole in the center of the pin wheel

Step 10: Play!

I'm thinking about making some of these to decorate my booth at The Vintage Bazaar this weekend!


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