February 16, 2012

Orange you beautiful

what do you think of doing outfit details like this?

 Last night I was forced out of sweats when Leilani called me to meet up for dinner at a local Vietnamese place on Argyle. It was a good excuse to actually look decent during the week because most of the time I look like crap - (Example: today I am wearing leggings and an oversized sweat shirt - yuck.) I bought the orange shirt from Old Navy earlier this week (only $8!) after spotting it on their website and loving the double scalloping of it. This allows the scalloping to show even with a high wasted skirt.

I really dig this outfit. I haven't worn this skirt since last summer because it is a very summer-y  but I couldn't pass up the color combo. I really liked the orange with the green tights and all of the fun colors and patters in the skirt. Funny thing about this fabric is that I found it in the home department of the fabric store and since its such a thicker cotton it really holds it's shape a lot better than a regular cotton. I should work on making more of these.

photo by Leilani

Dinner was delicious and we ended up staying out a lot later than I had expected. I had Pho which totally hit the spot after a cold and rainy day. I could eat Pho and Vietnamese Spring Rolls every day. Yumm.

(Ps: I can't wait until I can wear different shoes out!! I'm so tired of these boots :( ) 



  1. One of my favorite spots in the city is a Pho place on Argyle -- love it! Cute outfit, too, I LOVE the orange. :)

    1. Which place?! I never have Pho on Argyle but I really liked this place. (it was 777)

  2. I really love your cardigan! It's so long and sweepy and pretty. Is it still at Target?

    1. No :( I got it a while ago at target. I've seen a lot that are really similar to it though. I'll keep my eye out and let you know!


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