February 14, 2012

The Vintage Bazaar

This past weekend was The Vintage Bazaar's February show at Dank Haus.  It was a two day sale with over 40 vintage vendors and 4 food vendors (including Antique Taco - yumyumyum). Chirp provided the up beat tunes for the weekend sale. It was our first time participating in the sale and it was also our first time being in a show this big.  I was really nervous that we wouldn't have enough clothes, or our display wouldn't be as nice as everyone else's since it seemed like most of the vendors had been selling vintage as a full time job for quite some time now. My worries were for nothing though because our display ended up looking pretty great. The experience of vendors also ranged quite a bit, so we weren't the only newbies.

Our booth

Me & Lelani of The Thriftaholic

Kawtar - wearing her an awesome vintage sweater dress.

Maranda of Persnickety Vintage

Everyone was beyond nice and supportive of one another. Libby and Katherine, the ladies behind the Bazaar, were super helpful and friendly making everyone feel welcome. It was a really well put together show. If you get the opportunity of being in one or even attending one, I would highly recommend it. All of your vintage dreams will come true at the bazaar.

(I unfortunately only got pictures of the top floor but the bottom floor had over 30 different vendors that had a variety of clothes, home goods, and antiques. You can find more info and pictures of the sale at The Vintage Bazaar.)

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!




  1. This looks lovely! I'm bummed that I missed it, but I had a feeling I would have to -- busy weekend! Next time, next time...

  2. What a pretty location/building to hold that in! I wonder if there is such a thing around here, I hope so, looks like it would be fun to attend and check out.

    1. It was a stunning location! The molding details were beautiful and I guess a lot of them were hand painted.

  3. It was so great to see you again!!

  4. This looks so wonderful!! I wanna go!! Your blog is wonderful!

    Your fellow vestie, Emily

    1. the next one is in the summer time. Are you anywhere near chicago?! hahah


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