February 28, 2012

Weekend in LA Pt 1

I was lucky enough to escape the sudden snow here in Chicago for a weekend and visit one of my old time friends, Christine, in LA. I had never been so I was eager to see the super touristy spots. Even though I got to LA pretty late Friday we were still able to be out of the house by 9am.

EEP! Harry Potter!

We saw them setting up for the Academy Awards!

At the Farmer's Market

A store that only sold hot sauce!

Venice Beach!

Outfit Details:
Off the shoulder shirt: Marshalls
Electric Blue Pants:  Target
Sandals: Target
Dooney and Bourke Draw string purse: Vintage
Necklace: Target
Watch: Michael Kors Horn
Bracelet: Forever21

It seems kind of unfair that this part of the world has such beautiful weather year-round while I'm freezing my butt off in Chicago. Although, this winter has been very very very mild.

I have a lot more pictures to share so stay tuned!



  1. That farmers market looks fantastic, oh, how I am pining for warm weather! Looks like you had fun, and at least the snow had melted upon your return to Chicago. :)

    1. Well it seems like its going to come sooner than we think!! At least I hope so.

  2. So glad you visited! It was fun going to the touristy spots I tend to take for granted.

    1. Thanks so much for having me! I hope you are able to visit in May.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing- and as always you look adorable!


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