April 8, 2012

Nail Art

I've been really into doing nail art recently. I've never really been into designs on nails until recently. I think I like the idea of having a tiny palette and trying to figure out how much I can fit on it. I bought these tiny brushes that I've been trying to figure out how to use..and I've got to say that I spend a little too much time decorating them.

If you guys want any tutorials on any of these just let me know!



  1. You're really getting good at this! Practice makes perfect, of course. I wish I could have painted nails, but alas, another thing not allowed at work.

    1. hahah thanks! Lots of practice. Another silly useless skill for life :)

      Are you working at Wrigley? Those are some strict rules!

  2. Love the chevron/herringbone pattern of the last one :D


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