April 10, 2012

Spray Job

Supplies: Quick dry metal spray paint, a thick drop cloth or cardboard, item you wish you alter

Wash and dry item througholy 
Spay item with light layer at first (make sure you're spraying outside!!)
Continue to add layers every 10 minutes until desired color is reached. (since I used yellow it took quite a few coats) 
Let set over night to be safe.

I bought this pot rack two years ago when I first moved into my apartment and it's been in the same spot since. Originally I thought it had a nice antiqued look but since cleaning my kitchen Sunday I became aware of how drab it looked. I immediately wanted to buy new stuff for it, but I really cant afford to spend money on anything right now (trip expenses + car repairs bah). Instead I took the spray paint I bought for the DIY I'm posting later this week and gave it a nice coat of fresh paint and wow--what a difference it made! I really need to restrain myself from spray painting my entire house (which I should really avoid since spray paint is illigal in Chicago -- shh!)  Also please forgive the fact that I don't have a good "before" picture. I was halfway through the first layer of spray paint before I realized it. I was clearly too excited.

** this is not the real DIY of the week - I promise! ** 

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