April 27, 2012

Twenty Four on the Twenty Sixth

Well yesterday was my official birthday! April 26th. I am now twenty four years old (time to go around updating my age all over the internet!!) and I'm waiting for adulthood to smack me in the face, which I guess it kind of has since graduating college. As a person who loves her birthday and treats it like a national holiday, it's been a good month of celebration. It's been an ongoing joke since college that I like to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of April, which is entirely excessive, but my birthday happens only one month out of the year so why not!

Kawtar took me out to a nice early dinner/late lunch at Uncommon Grounds. We had a super filling chicken chopped salad that had an amazing smoked sun-dried tomato dressing, avocado, cucumbers, blue cheese, and a house-made mutli-grain cracker. We also had sweet potato fries with goat cheese fondue. It was sooo yummy.

Kawtar got me these super cute boat shoes from Ralph Lauren. I've been eying gold Sperry's for a long long time and I'm so happy to have them!! They're super comfortable and fit true to size.

Outfit details:
Tribal Maxi Dress: Anthropologie - Gift from Amy <3
Denim Shirt: Target (last year) 
Kate Spade Purse: Gift from Amy and Jasmine ! 
Shoes: Payless (?)
Sunglasses: 1960's Vintage - From a consignor
Watch: Michael Kors Horn  

I ended the day with a shopping trip to Target. I tried on like 30 things and ended up with some high waisted shorts which I'll probably wear tomorrow for my thrifting day with Leilani...even though the weather is supposed to be terrible here.

Thank you everyone for all the happy birthday wishes!!! 

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