May 22, 2012

Antique Taco

Leilani and co-owner Ashley Ortiz (left)

hand stamped labels for the tacos

With Antique Taco - it's all in the details.

Last Friday I went to Antique Taco for a second time but this time accompanied by Leilani (I went with Jasmine for their grand opening Wednesday) Antique Taco twice in a week is anything but boring with so many food selections and creative combinations I could eat here every day and not get tired of it! The first time around I ordered the fish tacos which are fried in a tempura batter with smoked cabbage and Sriracha tartar sauce - beyond delicious. Fish tacos are a new thing to me, since fish is not quite my forte but there's something about these tacos that just do it for me! The second time around I had the chicken tacos which come with cucumber and jalapeno pickle, honey yogurt, and onion. The seasoning on the chicken reminds me a bit of middle eastern food which is a perfect match with the honey yogurt and crunch of cucumber.

Jasmine and I had the Rosemary’s Margarita which is made with tequila, fresh lime and orange juice (I watched them squeeze it!) and rosemary simple syrup. It was a dangerous combination!  You couldn't taste the tequila in it! This time around I went a safer route and had the Agua Fresca which was made with pureed cucumber, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. It tasted like a watermelon and lemonade puree - it was really refreshing! We also had chips and guacamole, chili cheese curds, cilantro and mint chocolate chip ice cream, a Mexican poptart, and Leilani tried the horchata milkshake and none of it disappointed! The mint ice cream was rich and fresh, the chili cheese curds were warm and comforting (perfect for any winter night!), and the poptart had a surprise chocolate lava middle that complimented the vanilla ice cream perfectly! Yumm yumm! So many delicious treats.

The atmosphere of a restaurant is as important to me to the enjoyment of my meal as much as the food - and Antique Taco did not fall short. With the it's rustic look, well curated antiques, hand stamped tags and fresh flowers it was relaxed and gave you the feeling of home. (I was personally eyeing those stacked Coca-cola crates for my home.) The bright windows that line the north and east side flood the restaurant with light. With friendly owners, staff, and delicious food, this is the perfect place to spend summer afternoons with friends. (Best times to avoid a crowd is 4-6pm) 

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