May 31, 2012

Balayage Ombre Hair at Epoch Studio

Last Saturday I had an appointment at Epoch Studio for an Ombre highlight job on my hair. Let me preface this by saying I've never dyed my hair. EVER. I've been playing around with the idea of a hair change for some time now and after looking at some pictures of ladies with black hair and ombre highlights - I decided to take the plunge!! Okay, so now that I decided that I wanted to do to my hair...all I had to do was find a salon that would do a great job at it (no pressure right?) So how does someone find the best ombre in Chicago? Well...

OKAY so I entrusted my hair dying job to Google -- nothing new there! So I called Epoch to make an appointment for the following Saturday. I spoke to Beth and I explained what I wanted to do to my hair and how much I was freaked out about it. She totally understood and assured me that it would all be fine, and it was. My appointment was for 2pm and I met her at their loft studio salon. The salon, I learned, was just a small part of a four part company run by Ben Mahoney. They do all sorts of things from commercial video to photo.

photo c/o
Anyway, down to the hair. Beth was great, she used a hand painting highlighting technique call Balayage which didn't involved foil just some cotton to separate the highlighted sections. She used that technique to achieve a subtle highlighted look. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to hand paint sections of the hair -- you have to really know what you're doing, and Beth did. I explained to her I that I wanted my hair to look sun kissed and very natural. She knew exactly what to do.

(Sorry for the terrible pictures but my memory card from my camera broke and I'm waiting for a new one)

Well, I love it. Its so subtle and gives my hair the dimension I was want! It's the perfect summer hair style.

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