May 16, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

Weeks seem to be going by fast and faster now that the weather is nice again. Why is that? Why is it that winter drags on forever but once spring and summer hit, they fly by? I suppose I'm a lot more busy during the summer than I am in the winter. There's always so much I want to accomplish by the end of the summer that time just flies by! Thankfully it's only May so I do have four months to try and enjoy it!

An outing with Leilani last friday

Brunch outside at M Henry

Mimosas :)

Leilani in a 1940's boat dress at Knee Deep Vintage

Chicago style hot dog and fries at Al's

Mario's Italian Lemonade stand (so yummy)

Sleepy kitty

Scalloped nails

Pilsen Chicago sidewalk art.

Boy girl bubble tea at Ba Le :)

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