May 30, 2012

Instagram Wednesday











1. Karyn and Niki in front of their booth at Randolph Street Market
2. Leilani and Me at Randolph Street Market (more on the market later)
3. Getting my hair done (post coming soon!)
4. Summer Carnival 
5. Leilani enjoying a treat after our double movie feature on Sunday (we saw The Hunger Games & The Avengers! Loved both!) 
6. Summer Sangria (White wine, pineapple juice, orange slices)
7. Ismail grilling our yummy food! 
8. Our feast
9. Leilani and me on my roof after the BBQ  
10. Coconut Water- Best hangover cure

I had a bit of a crazy weekend! I went to Randolph Street Market with Leilani on Saturday, then I got my hair done (!! excited to share!) thennn I took Ismail out for his birthday - we went bowling and to a carnival. On Sunday Leilani and I ran from the heat (97 degrees!) and went to see two movies, then did a bit of shopping. On Monday I had a bbq for Memorial Day which involved some last minute shopping, cleaning, and cooking! Phew. It was busy - but also so much fun. 

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