May 2, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

I wanted to start a new segment called Instagram Wednesday. I've sort of been doing this for the past couple of weeks but I wanted a better schedule with the blog. I have the intention of doing one or two outfit/life posts, one DIY post, and one Instagram post so securing Wednesdays for the Instagram day seems to be good. Maybe Mondays should MonDIY hahahhah. Okay, I'll come up with a better name than that.

Super bun with a bow! No socks - just hair! Takes about 10 minutes :)

Jeffery Campbell Flats - we're selling them for $50 if anyone's interested. They're a size 7.5

80's veils anyone?

The largest latte in the world.

Brunch at M Henrietta

The cutest teapots at an Estate Sale Leilani and I went to last weekend.
The SWEETEST 1970's mugs. Leilani spotted them and came over and asked me the question all vintage lovers ask "Cool or tacky?" Obviously super cool.

The Bedford - Inside the vault! This place used to be an old bank! I looooved it.

Birthday Outfit!

Oberweis banana split. Yummmm!

New tags for Zzouzi Vintage
Bunting for for all the sales we're doing this summer! We needed some color! 

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Happy hump day everyone!

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