May 29, 2012

Summer Carnival

Outfit details:
Silk shirt: Marshall's
Cobalt blue pants: target
Coral Bubble Necklace: J Crew
Gold boating shoes: Ralph Lauren
Coral bag: Nordstrom - thrifted

This Saturday Ismail and I went to a small carnival close to our house. Like a child I'm always attracted to carnival lights, the food, and all the over priced games but this one was a little lack luster-- even for me.

Thankfully close by there was a bowling alley! Ismail has never bowled before so this was perfect! It was pretty fun teaching him how to hold the ball and how to roll it. He even managed to get a strike! I started out really well (8s and 9s!) but the second mid-game came I started getting gutters and Ismail and I ended up tying. How embarrassing! (I'm competitive- can you tell?!? )

Oh well. It was really fun! I matches my socks and bowling ball to my necklace! Yaayy :)

I'll post more about this fun filled weekend later :) hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day filled with grilling and good company!

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