May 8, 2012

Weather Report

Outfit Details: 
Shorts: Anthropologie (Gift from Sabrina)
Shirt: Target
Gold Boat Shoes: Ralph Lauren (Gift  from Kawtar)
Hair bow: Vintage
Lipstick: Russian Red Mac
Sunglasses: Target 

Charlie and Eddie

Last Thursday was crazy hot in Chicago. The weather has gone from super hot (to the point that I considered putting in the air conditioner) to a freezing monsoon. I took the boys to the park and they were drenched in sweat by the time we went home it was pretty  miserable, although I refuse to complain about heat because I spent all winter complaining about the cold.  Today we're at a happy medium 56 degrees.

That's the only topic I can muster up enough energy to talk about right now. I'm still super tired from Vintage Heaven this weekend. I'll update on that later. 

Oh you can also check out Leilani's blog for more about last month's Randolph Street Market

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